„Elvis At The Movies” – nowy zestaw z filmowymi przebojami Elvisa Presley’a

Największe filmowe przeboje króla rock’n’rolla

AtTheMovies 31 marca br. do sklepów trafi nowy zestaw płyt Elvisa Presley’a. Czteropłytowy box „Elvis At The Movies. Volume 1”, jak sugeruje tytuł, poświęcony będzie filmowym przebojom króla rock’n’rolla. Album zostanie zrealizowany przez wydawnictwo Real Gone Music.
Skład nagrań obejmuje piosenki z pierwszych sześciu filmów („Love Me Tender”, „Loving You”, „Jailhouse Rock”, „King Creole”, „G.I.Blues” oraz „Flaming Star”) z udziałem Presley’a.

CD 1: Love Me Tender – Let Me – Poor Boy – Were Gonna Move – Were Gonna Move – Love Me Tender – Mean Woman Blues – (Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear) – Loving You – Got A Whole Lot Of Loving To Do – Lonesome Cowboy – Hot Dog – Party – Blueberry Hill – True Love – Don’t Leave Me Now – Have I Told You Lately That II Love You – I Need You So
CD 2: Party – Got A Lot O Livin To Do – Loving You – Mean Woman Blues – Jailhouse Rock – Treat Me Nice – Young And Beautiful – I Want To Be Free – Dont Leave Me Know – (Your So Square) Baby I Don’t Care – Jailhouse Rock – Young And Beautiful – Young And Beautiful (Solo) – I Want To Be Free – (Your So Square) Baby I Don’t Care – Treat Me Nice – King Creole – As Long As I Love You – Hard Headed Woman – Trouble – Dixieland Rock
CD 3: Don’t Ask Me Why – Lover Doll – Crawfish – Young Dreams – Steadfast Loyal And True – New Orleans – Turtles, Berries And Gumbo / Crawfish – Lover Doll – Trouble – Banana – Dixieland Rock – Young Dreams – New Orleans – King Creole – Don’t Ask Me Why – As Long As I Love You (Outro) – Tonight Is Right For Love – What’s She Really Like – Frankfort Special – Wooden Heart
CD 4: G. I. Blues – Pocketful Of Rainbows – Shoppin’ Around – Big Boots – Didja’ Ever – Blue Suede Shoes – Doin’ The Best I Can – Tonight’s Alright For Love – What’s She Really Like – G. I. Blues (Edit) – Doin’ The Best I Can – Frankfort Special – Shoppin’ Around – Tonight Is So Right For Love – Wooden Heart – Pocket Full Of Rainbows – Big Boots – Didja Ever – Flaming Star – Flaming Star (Edit) – A Cane And High Starched Collar (Edit)

(info: Day By Day/Elvis Club Berlin/Mariusz Ogiegło)

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